Eagle Vivia International Academy

International Academy for certified school programs (Primary, Lower Secondary and Higher Secondary) – Online Academy for foreign languages (English, German, French, Spanish and Mandarin) in accordance with the CEFR – ESCAE EAGLEVIVIA INTERNATIONAL (Benin) Higher Secondary, Vocational, Undergraduate, Graduate and Doctoral Programs- Health care careers professional guidance for Germany – IB Diploma and IGCSE revision courses.

An international academy offering international school programs Primary (Grades 3-5), Lower Secondary (Grades 5-8), IGCSE (Grades 9-10) and IAL (Grades 11-12) through collaborative partnership with ESCAE EAGLE VIVIA INTERNATIONAL, Undergraduate, Graduate and Post Graduate programs.

Be it online or on campus, we partner directly with Secondary schools in two countries, several overseas universities to help students find the perfect program. We assist all students through the enrolment process, and our experienced staff takes care of students during their stay.

EAGLE VIVIA INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY offers a wide range of foreign language courses (German, French, Arabic, Mandarin and Spanish for both academic and everyday language use. The classes for academic languages are geared towards advanced learners and require a good command of the respective languages. The curriculum is in the framework of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)


IGCSE, A Levels & IB Diploma revision courses​

Eagle Vivia International Academy Revision Courses run intensive examination revision classes for IGCSE, A-Levels & IB Diploma programs.


A - Level

IB Diploma



Eagle Vivia International Academy encourages active involvement in shaping the future of learning. Beyond established structures, we create a networking platform, motivate further thinking, and encourage students to shape a meaningful, responsible, and sustainable investment in education to empower them move confidently in a digitalized world through data-driven and technology-enhanced educational programs to ensure student success.



Learning is independent of time and space. Our vision is to support the development of an online learning school in which all children and young people have the opportunity to learn in a contemporary way, with access to digital education.


Our Unique

CAS Experience

CAS stands for Creativity, Action, and Service. Man does not live by “head” alone! Education neither begins, nor ends in the classroom; indeed, essential aspects of learning exist in the world outside.

CAS counterbalances the emphasis on academic, individual achievement with experiences that primarily benefit others who need help. Additionally, CAS aims to to encourage personal skills and interest; to inspire awareness, concern, and responsibility to serve the community.

The most meaningful CAS experience comes from spending time with others to build relationships and develop the self-worth of both server and served.

Our Students


I’ve received my target IB grade in the upper 30‘s and I couldn’t have done it without this course. Not only is it very flexible, but also highly qualitative. The teaching staff is very approachable and helpful, any questions were answered in no time. Most import for me was the help for the actual Test strategy, as I struggled with the very demanding IB formal requirements in my essays. Eagle Vivia was very helpful here. The guidance I received for my IA’s have been simply fantastic. I couldn’t have done it without Eagle Vivia
IB student from Germany
The real joy of such an excellent revision program were the dedicated faculty-perfectly chosen by Eagle Vivia, the various methods and strategies of learning within different subjects. As for me, my journey as an IB student has been a rewarding experience. I had the opportunity of working on an inter-school CAS project and found it extremely satisfying and helpful
Sahil Buch
I received excellent guidance from competent staff of Eagle Vivia International Academy for my core components CAS (Creativity, Action & Service) and EE (Extended Essay) of the IB Diploma Program. They were the two most meaningful parts my diploma program journey. The TOK (Theory of Knowledge) guide was always there for me to understand that one has to deep-dive into it to be creative
Manan Bhanderi
IB Diploma student from Germany



Eagle Vivia International Academy collaborates closely with universities, institutes of higher learning and other educational organisations worldwide. Our International School venture “Eagle Vivia International Academy – ESCAE University (Benin)” is a classic example of our overseas partnership.

This collaboration has put international school education way ahead in the field of K-12 education and made it reachable to the unreached. Staff and resource collaboration has enabled experts from both the sides share their insights into the programs offered. It is just not connecting educational institutions, but it’s really about connecting people. Intake Group Rwanda has a collaboration with Eagle Vivia International Academy for student referrals from either side for further studies at tertiary institutions worldwide.

Eurocas- Germany is actively collaborating with Eagle Vivia International Academy for support to students intending to pursue their university studies in Germany. Collaboration is currently in the areas of German language courses in accordance with the CEFR norms, cultural exchange programmes and German university preparatory courses.

Eagle Vivia International Academy is proud to announce its strategic collaboration with the European Institute of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Technology (eiIET) in Berlin. This collaboration is set to deliver exceptional learning opportunities through advanced programs in Tourism and Recreation, all conducted in English. This ensures a seamless and welcoming experience for our international students. With eiIET's innovative approach and world-class instruction, we are committed to providing a transformative education that prepares our students for global success in these dynamic fields.