Eagle Vivia International Academy



I received excellent guidance from competent staff of Eagle Vivia International Academy for my core components CAS (Creativity, Action & Service) and EE (Extended Essay) of the IB Diploma Program. They were the two most meaningful parts my diploma program journey. The TOK (Theory of Knowledge) guide was always there for me to understand that one has to deep-dive into it to be creative.

Manan Bhanderi
IB Diploma student from Germany

I’ve received my target IB grade in the upper 30‘s and I couldn’t have done it without this course. Not only is it very flexible, but also highly qualitative. The teaching staff is very approachable and helpful, any questions were answered in no time. Most import for me was the help for the actual Test strategy, as I struggled with the very demanding IB formal requirements in my essays. Eagle Vivia was very helpful here. The guidance I received for my IA’s have been simply fantastic. I couldn’t have done it without Eagle Vivia.

IB student from Germany

The real joy of such an excellent revision program were the dedicated faculty-perfectly chosen by Eagle Vivia, the various methods and strategies of learning within different subjects. As for me, my journey as an IB student has been a rewarding experience. I had the opportunity of working on an inter-school CAS project and found it extremely satisfying and helpful.

Sahil Buch

I had a wonderful experience with Eagle Vivia International Academy who helped me with my exam preparations and guided me to strengthen my weak areas .Their guidance improved my confidence in facing IB exams.


My mentor from the Eagle Vivia International Academy was not only a tutor for me; he really became a friend, whom I could always rely on when I needed help – be it academically or personally. He guided me safely through the stressful times of high school, and without him I would never have received 41 points on my IB Diploma examinations!”


“Eagle Vivia’s revision guidance helped me with a list of teachers I could select. IB- in my school with amazing teachers, I was able to achieve my anticipated levels of academic understanding be it TOK, IA’s, or subject revision in other subjects.” 

Rohan Wagh

IB student