Eagle Vivia International Academy

About Us

Our Mission

Education should be for life - not for living ...

Eagle Vivia International Academy encourages active involvement in shaping the future of learning. Beyond established structures, we create a networking platform, motivate further thinking, and encourage students to shape a meaningful, responsible, and sustainable investment in education to empower them move confidently in a digitalized worldthrough data-driven and technology-enhanced educational programs to ensure student success.

Our Vision

Learning is independent of time and space. Our vision is to support the development of an online learning school in which all children and young people have the opportunity to learn in a contemporary way, with access to digital education.

Our Goal

Modern times demand modern concepts. In a globalized world, there must be opportunities to teach one's own children in one's native language, even if one is not currently living in the home country. Our core goal is to provide a varied, comprehensive, and understandable education in which our students feel supported and, above all, enjoy learning.

We believe that all young people deserve access to a quality education, which is why all our lessons are taught online. For this reason, the Eagle Vivia International Academy is uniquely positioned to help students prepare for their future and gain internationally recognized qualifications outside of the traditional classroom.